Move work

Collaboratively plan, manage, accelerate, report on and execute your teamwork with SAP Ruum

Ruum empowers your non-technical users to digitally streamline collaboration and accelerate workflows with our no-code work and process management solutions.

Organize and manage work, without code

Use cases for digitizing and optimizing cross-functional collaboration

Marketing & Events

Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders, follow upon campaign budgets, share updates with agencies, and coordinate company occasions.

Supply Chain Management

Increase efficiency of logistics, create and maintain clear and effective supply chain methods, coordinate teamwork across planning and execution.

Professional Services

Manage services in parallel, coordinate Requests for Proposals, Proof of Concepts, and customer escalations with full transparency.

HR & Recruiting

Create hiring plans, manage and organize interviews, onboard new employees, and coordinate employee programs with other departments.

Sales Process Management

Manage project-based sales, oversee key milestones, deliverables, and contacts; close more deals faster and duplicate across accounts.

Data & Analytics

Gather and discuss data, share ideas for action plans, manage responsibilities, and implement more data-driven business activities.

Essential capabilities for better collaboration

Security and scalability you can rely on

Fully GDPR Compliant

World-Class Server Uptime

Encrypted Data at Rest

SAML2 for Single Sign-On

Governance and Administration