Ruum for Analytics

On your marks. Drive data from insights to action.

Ruum expands your analytics experience by making insights actionable. Create action plans, manage responsibilities and blow your business stakeholders with critical insights. Judge your business activity more effectively by having the whole team onboard on the progress and learnings. Demonstrate Return on Investment at the drop of a hat and decipher relevant information.
“In our leadership meetings, we just pull up Ruum to track all the follow ups on insights on our analytics data. We never had such consistency in execution before!”
Martin Heinig | Chief Operating Officer

Why Ruum?

Deeper insights

Instantly bring your team together to surface all critical perspectives on your company’s business data and get the right insights more quickly.

Informed business decisions

Create powerful narratives that lead to better decisions and get everyone aligned with critical business adjustments.

Don’t drop the ball

Create action plans and let Ruum’s virtual project management assistant Ada help you get things done and hold stakeholders accountable for critical business outcomes.

Ruum supercharges your analytics suite

Analyze your sales & marketing efforts

Bring together real-time sales and marketing data, and experts to enable strategic decisions, identify opportunities and make accurate forecasts. Analyze the performance of your pipeline, marketing campaigns and your sales teams' KPIs.
  • Pull real-time data straight from your back-end systems
  • Collaborate with your sales and marketing units
  • Capture decisions with transparency and assign responsibilities
  • Monitor performance and spot bottlenecks

Respond to the market and your customers

Whether the market share has dropped, there’s an increased customer demand or missed profitability targets, Ruum lets you get everyone together in one place, align on responses and coordinate execution flawlessly.
  • Integrate business context from your analytics suite
  • Assign tasks to responsible stakeholders and let Ruum automatically follow up on your behalf.

Improve your operations with data insights

Gather relevant business data and engage experts within your organization to collect insights that enable better decision-making - from supply chain planning and optimization to large-scale strategic initiatives.
  • Bring the whole team onto the same page with a central, transparent view
  • Have team members draft their own OKRs and sign them off directly
  • Easily check in with team members on the progress of their OKRs
Bring your content and projects together.
Out-of box integration with SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom. We have a working PoC, request a demo to find out more!

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