SAP Ruum Goes Live With Process Management Beta

Starting today, beta customers can now build and run processes in SAP Ruum without needing development skills.

Ruum Team

Natascha Josipovic

August 3, 2020

4 min


Starting today, our customers can build and run processes in SAP Ruum without any development efforts. Until the public launch later this year, access to the new feature set will be free for our beta customers, who will participate in feedback sessions and surveys to help our product team test and validate the new capabilities.

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview our Product Manager, Marcin, to capture his perspective on this special moment:

N: Marcin, today is a big day for SAP Ruum. Can you tell us why?

M: Today is a celebration! We’re so happy to announce the beta launch of our new product functionalities in SAP Ruum. After months of hard work, we’re now ready to make a big leap forward with our product. We’re now entering a new era for IT – an era where everyone can build processes and do that faster than ever before. At the same time, we know that this is just the beginning of the journey. Over the course of the next months, we’ll work closely with our beta customers to understand how SAP Ruum helps automate their departmental processes and learn what additional features would be valuable for them.

N: What is the main problem our customers are facing today?

M: We realized that our customer’s departmental processes continue to remain non-automated and non-integrated, typically handled in some kind of manual fashion living between spreadsheets and emails. Because organizations have hundreds of these processes, there’s a lack of transparency over them and this poses a serious risk to data consistency and IT security. For example, how often does this process run, where are the bottlenecks, what’s the overall status? But solving this is not exactly that easy. Non-coders generally lack the development skills to build processes, while coders usually lack time and business expertise to meet the processes’ business needs. Especially the little departmental ones that have too many variants and change every so often. With SAP Ruum’s new feature set, we’re empowering the non-code users, the so-called ‘citizen developers’, to flexibly build processes themselves in a secure environment entirely governed and managed by IT. This enables our customers to tap into the full potential of process automation.

N: If you had to summarize three key wins for SAP Ruum customers given today's release, what would those be?


1. Entering the era of citizen development and empowering business users to build processes themselves. That’s the WOW-factor that we’re extremely excited about! Customers can now use our new process creation functionality to model and launch their processes in a secure, IT-governed environment in a matter of minutes without requiring any coding experience. They can combine flexible forms as well as add logic and approvals. And because our process design interface looks just like the process run interface – in the software world we call this, ‘What you see is what you get’ – it’s incredibly easy for the process owner to build something the end users will understand immediately.

2. Being able to build processes collaboratively. Collaboration has always been a key component of Ruum, which is why it now plays a major role in the entire process lifecycle. Not only can our users invite colleagues to collaborate while building a process workflow, they can also collaborate while using the process itself. Let’s say I want to approve a purchase requisition my employee has submitted but I’m unsure about the cost center. Instead of simply denying the purchase requisition, I can comment on it and send it back.

3. Integrating processes into SAP systems without lengthy IT projects. Our users will soon also be able to integrate any process built in SAP Ruum into other SAP systems using our system connectors. This is game changing because these previously siloed processes can now connect to the core of their business.

N: There are many other players out there with competing offerings. Why should customers pick SAP Ruum?

M: I think we win with two unique competitive advantages: 1. user experience and 2. integrations. We carefully designed Ruum to be as intuitive as possible, while maintaining its simplicity and stepping up our functionalities. Our seamless user experience really laid the groundwork for how our solution got to where it is today.

Integrations are our other key advantage as they play a vital role in today’s fragmented IT landscapes. With our system connectors and value helpers, we make it easy for our customers to bring the world of core (legacy) systems together with the world of ever-changing, daily business processes. I’m convinced that SAP Ruum connects dots in the SAP landscape better than any other product in the market.  

N: You joined the team 3 months ago and led through run up to the beta launch. What are you most excited about when you think of the journey ahead?

M: What makes me most excited is to think of all the learnings that lie ahead of us! During our 8-week Beta program, we’ll be working very closely with selected customers and extracting insights to help shape our final product. One of our core values is to always put the customer first; and the next few months will be absolutely crucial for understanding how to evolve and enhance the solution to meet our customers’ needs. This is really just the beginning of a new chapter.

N: Thank you, Marcin. Cheers to this new era of IT!

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