Ruum by SAP

About Ruum by SAP

Ruum was founded in 2016 within SAP. The founding team wanted to simplify the way collaboration happened in companies of all sizes, starting with large enterprise. They wanted to give the world a solution that would bring back transparency, clarity, purpose, and - by removing overheads and admin - make people happier.

Since then, Ruum has grown to a vibrant team of more than 20 professionals hailing from more than 12 countries. We are building the next generation of collaboration software, right from the heart of Berlin.

Our Values

We live and breathe our values. They are the principles that govern how we recruit new Ruumies, and how we work together and with our customers.

Customers First

In everything we do, we start with the customer and work back from there. Making our customers successful is why we build what we build and do what we do.

Value Differences

We know that people have different perspectives and skill-sets. Our team is diverse by design and we believe it is our differences that make us stronger, better, faster.

A Bias For Action

We always favour action over discussion. We use data to inform our decisions. We test our hypotheses. That way, it's less about 'gut' and more about 'results'.

The Whole is Greater Than The One

Teamwork is in our DNA. We don't sit in silos, we don't work in silos, we don't play in silos. Cross-functional collaboration and open-minded teamwork is our secret sauce.

Always Be Learning

However different or experienced we are, we have one thing in common: a growth mindset. We make mistakes and we learn from them. We learn from our successes too.

Love what we love?

We are growing fast and are always on the lookout for like-minded  individuals to join our team.