Update on COVID 2019 – Ruum is free to everyone

No matter where you are in the world, times are chaotic. It can feel easy to be consumed by the latest headlines about the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic because information is moving and changing rapidly. In light of these circumstances, it’s important that everyone has a plan.

Whether you own a small business, run a nonprofit, are head of your household or are just looking to keep yourself healthy, we believe everyone is important. We want to be a partner in enabling you to run your day-to-day operations and therefore have chosen to make Ruum free and publicly available to everyone.

We also built two, free templates that outline an interactive checklist for managing the risks of COVID 19:

All of the information in these checklists was based off the latest information from the CDC and was not created by SAP. We also recommend reviewing the latest CDC guidelines for businesses or the latest CDC guidelines for households here.