Ruum for HR & Recruiting

Working with people isn’t easy. We can help you execute your HR strategy with ease.

It’s all in the planning! Create a project plan that allows you to hire the most outstanding talent. Plan and conduct successful interviews, onboard new employees and coordinate with other departments regarding HR campaigns like a pro. Ruum helps you track, plan and coordinate projects and teams from one central place, making it easy to follow processes and connect the appropriate people accordingly. Most importantly, it lets you focus on core tasks.
“Organizing interviews and job fairs is complex and a checklist is simply not enough. Ruum helps me bring all stakeholders together to plan for successful recruiting events!”
Lyly Luong | Senior Recruitment Consultant

Why Ruum?

A hub for all things project-related

A hub for all things project-related

Say goodbye to tireless email threads about job requisitions, people changes and other tasks. Maintain clear responsibilities, assignments and critical content all in one place.
Polite nudges in the project process

Polite nudges in the project process

Stay on top of things and let Ruum’s virtual project management assistant Ada nudge contributors and take care of follow-ups.
Scale excellence across the organization

Scale excellence across the organization

Standardize best practices and processes with Ruum’s templates making work more effective and freeing up time.

Ruum supports critical HR and recruiting processes

Organize Interviews with Ruum


Lock in the best talents by providing a great interview experience and get candidates super excited about joining your company.  Successful interviews require careful planning and flawless execution between hiring managers, interviewers and recruiters. Ruum takes over the hassle of project management, so you can take your interviews to the next level.
  • Put together a great plan and prepare all stakeholders ahead of time
  • Align on interview questions, track responses and review candidates together
  • Make interview logistics a breeze
  • Standardize best practices through templates

New Hire Onboarding

Make new hires feel at home in their new job from the first point of contact. Provide important orientation throughout the complete onboarding process. Connect them with the right people and share important information and tasks in one place.
  • Simple & personalized onboarding experience
  • Connect new hire, manager, buddy, procurement and HR with one interface
  • Follow the progress of new hires through their first weeks
  • Define your own repeatable templates: Set up a new process with 1 click


Achieve audacious goals with Ruum. Jointly create and commit to OKRs with your teams and have every employee committed to bold outcomes for your business.
  • Bring the whole organization onto the same page with a central, transparent view across teams
  • Have team members draft their own OKRs and sign them off
  • Easily check in with team members on the progress of their OKRs

Job Fairs and Recruitment Events

Make a big splash with minimal effort at strategic job fairs and recruitment events with Ruum. Outline a clear team goal of each event and manage all costs, marketing and travel arrangements with ease.
  • Jointly create event strategies and manage timelines
  • Use templates to get a head-start with executing new events
  • Keep on top of tasks: Let Ada remind you of important dates and never miss a deadline
  • Control and cascade clear budget recommendations
  • Track interested candidates on site and create tasks for follow-ups that you won’t forget
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The right solution for your business

Some examples of how Ruum helps teams to get work done:



Ruum helps sales teams get rid of countless phone calls and alignment meetings. It syncs all activities with your CRM to make sure nothing ever slips.



When your market share drops, or your demand spikes - Ruum connects with your analytics tools. In a real-time business, you’ll never let an opportunity slip.



Coordinate recruiting, onboard new team members, and align your OKRs - Ruum delivers project management for all your HR processes

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Integrated with your logistics processes, Ruum supports your digital supply chain - from planning to execution.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Ruum takes over coordination for mini-projects such as RfPs, Proof of Concepts, and customer escalations.



Marketing teams use Ruum to coordinate content & campaigns across the globe - a Project Management service for your marketing stack.