Automate the
long tail of your processes without code

Ruum empowers your non-technical users to build, integrate, and run departmental processes, without compromising IT security.

Scale process delivery, without code.
Enter a new Era of IT

Democratize Process Building

Give end-users the power to build, automate, and run their departmental processes without any code.

Retain Full Ownership

Ensure IT security and data harmonization by leveraging Ruum’s governance capabilities and our seamless system integrations with S/4HANA and other applications.

Accelerate Your Delivery

Scale business process automation by enabling your units to build their own workflows and evolve IT from pure delivery to coaching the business.

Save time, money, and improve data quality

Streamline and automate data gathering, fix process errors, and manage approvals intuitively.

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Recruit, onboard, and manage more employees with fewer resources

Build and foster a high performance team by digitizing and integrating the last mile of human resources operations with customizable no-code processes.

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Propel growth and customer value

Rapidly close and activate new customers with sales and service workflows. With no-code digital process automation, emails can be triggered, requests streamlined, and customer success standardized.

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Accelerate delivery and increase end-user satisfaction

Increase the speed of IT delivery and respond efficiently to new requests by digitizing manual routines using no-code processes.

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Standardize marketing operations and increase brand velocity

Build digital workflows to standardize marketing operations. Automate requests, capture creative briefings, plan and track campaigns, and manage events efficiently.

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Purchase with greater speed, whilst ensuring full compliance

Improve the efficiency of procurement with standardized, no-code processes that purchasing managers can set live immediately.

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Everything you need to build processes with clicks, not code.

create Flexible Forms

Create customized public forms and make them available to your colleagues by simply sharing a link.

Insert Data Fields

Insert reusable data fields and let others fill in or select the required data to initiate a new request.

Add Approvals

Connect your form to one or several approval steps and notify the approver automatically when a new request comes in.

Add Transitions

Add your own if/then logic by customizing transitions and automating handovers between process steps.

Add data from other systems

Retrieve data from another system and display it in Ruum by mapping the APIs in Ruum’s configuration panel.

Send data to other systems

Send data from Ruum to an external system by simply selecting the right system connector.

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Beta customers say...

Ruum's process management features are a game changer for us. Before we had Ruum, it took us three to six months to build and implement custom processes around our SAP S/4HANA system. Now, we can do this 10 times faster, with built-in automation, and with excellent user experience.
Johannes Langguth
Senior Director Finance Systems, Delivery Hero
Ruum adds a layer of transparency to the processes that allow us to analyze, prioritize and improve processes. With Ruum, Ekornes was able to model the process in about an hour, without requiring a lengthy project with resources from our central team.
James Fogarty
Business Operations Analyst, Ekornes
Gartner says
By 2024, low-code development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.
Source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms, August 2019
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