Optimize Financial Activities

Create Reliable Finance & Controlling Workflows

Create your own finance workflows and integrate existing data seamlessly with SAP Ruum.
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Investment Requests

Align Cross-Functional Approvals

Finance managers can streamline the gathering of data from different departments and have it reviewed and approved by the relevant cost center owners before a purchase order is created in the ERP.

Purchase Order Corrections

Quickly Resolve Mistakes

Fix incorrect customer purchase orders by triggering a new invoice to be sent to the customer while automatically updating your ERP system.

Accruals Management

Achieve Full Transparency

Streamline rounds of data gathering, reviewing, and approvals between accounting and cost center owners to automate accrual bookings in the ERP.

Streamlining workflows and supercharging productivity

It’s easier than ever to collaborate and monitor progress. No matter what kind of work you do or what functional area you work in, Ruum makes it easier to get it done.

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