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Ruum makes it easy to work together

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Structure and build your processes with Ruum's flexible Canvas

The Canvas is your team’s one-stop-shop for storing, organizing, and maintaining your tasks, files, and responsibilities. Move forward quickly without wasting time on coordination.


Bring your work and team together in Ruum

A Ruum is a living document where you and your team can collaborate in real time – here you can distribute tasks within your team, set deadlines, and provide feedback simultaneously with comments.

multiple views

Increased visibility of your team's progress

View more insights about milestones, deliverables, and deadlines with a quick glance at Ruum’s Timeline, Kanban, and Task List views. Stay on top of your work and pinpoint any potential risks.

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Industry leaders trust Ruum


Integrate with your existing tools

Accelerate the integration with other SAP systems using Ruum's system connectors (soon in beta). Additionally, integrate with popular tools such as Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Box.

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