2019: Starting a New Era

With 2019 coming to an end, we take a look back our product highlights this year. We also take a sneak-peek at what's to come from Ruum in 2020.

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Diana Roesner

December 18, 2019

5 mins


Born in 2016, graduated from university in 2018: If you think of Ruum as a young adult in her twenties, who was ready to conquer the world (of enterprise IT) with her smart and charming character (and features), 2019 was a year of change and growing up. And with age comes maturity and the capacity to reflect.  

Today, we not only want to share some 2019 (feature) highlights with you, but we also want to take you on our transformative journey and look at what 2020 holds for our customers.

“View only” Role

When Ruum was born, it was accompanied with the firm belief that team projects rely on open collaboration – with emphasis on the word open, as in “all project members have the same access rights”. In our many customer conversations, we found out that, no matter how amazing the team spirit may be, projects need clear roles and responsibilities. We shipped the “View only”-Role to allow project leaders to map their expectations towards their project contributors against clear access rights.  

Kanban View

“I am not Trello. Why would I need a Kanban board?”, is what Ruum responded for quite a while in adolescent rebellion when users asked about the feature. We learned from our customers once again, though. It turns out that business users LOVE the column-like schema that gives a structured view of pending items. By shipping a fourth view – next to Canvas, Timeline, and Task list – we made another step towards total user empowerment: You choose how to consume your tasks and projects.

Side panel

Ruum grew older, and our users got busier, working on more projects in Ruum than ever before. Our customers repeatedly told us that they had trouble finding what they were looking for in a loaded Ruum lobby. The side panel is like leaving your shared apartment and finally getting a proper closet: It’s just better user experience, makes you faster and more efficient in getting (your projects) ready.

Integrations growing exponentially

2019 was also the year to double down on integrations, for instance into SAP Analytics Cloud. Many of our customers run up to 50 different projects in Ruum across several countries and a variety of teams. They need a consolidated view on the overall progress and pending items, thus being able to identify potential road blockers early. We built a prototype in just a few weeks and are now looking into the detailed requirements. Whilst the relationship with SAP Analytics Cloud is still blossoming, two others are almost like family ties already: Ruum now also integrates with SAP Portfolio and Project Management, allowing for a lightweight project management extension for occasional users (check out the video here), as well as SAP Solution Manager where Ruum is a key component to run software implementation projects smoother (video here). Both integrations are available to customers.

While we are incredibly proud of the achievements this year (check out all 2019 features in our Ruum community), we know that there is an even more exciting journey ahead of us.  

2020: Empowered Process Automation & Fiori

Be it our customers who use Ruum for marketing planning or those who manage their investment approvals through it: The most heard ask in 2019 was always “we need workflow automation capabilities”. What our customers meant was being able to model and execute workflows without having to rely on development skills, aiming for a significantly faster and cheaper solution for process automation. We listened.  

But adding a completely new feature set to Ruum was not a decision made in a mad rush. Internally, we called it ‘Project 2020’. Metaphorically speaking, it was what people call the quarter-life-crisis affecting 25 years old adults. Many customer interviews and deep dive workshops later, we knew: Empowered process automation is Ruum’s adulthood and we have started building the new feature set to deliver a new Business Automation Suite in 2020. Thanks to Intelligent RPA, automation will be taken to the next level. And because integration doesn’t only mean transferring data from one system to another, but also having a consistent “look and feel”, Ruum will adopt Fiori for its UI (expected release in Q1/2020). After all, as you get older you also realize how amazing it is to have your (SAP) family traditions and norms. And although Ruum is now a bit older, and a whole lot wiser – don’t worry, it’s still the customer-centric, agile and intuitive product you met at the graduation party in 2018.  

Off to an amazing 2020. Join us and let’s enter a new era of software together.

A preview of our new Fiori UI, available early 2020

A preview of our new Fiori UI, available early 2020

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