August 2019 Product Updates

August changes include faster loading times, improved navigation and advanced custom fields features. Have a look!

Ruum Team

Stefan Ritter

August 9, 2019

2 min


Summer holidays and festivals have supercharged our work on giving you a better Ruum experience.

Here are some of the exciting things that have changed with our recent release:

Accelerated performance - Use Ruum 3x faster

1, 2, 3, GO! Ruum just got 3x faster with reduced loading time. So now, you can get ready, set, and go on tasks at speeds like never before.

Disable invites – Take full control over your Ruum team

Disable invites – Take full control over your Ruum team

As a project admin, you can now block your project participants from sending invitations to new members. This means collaborators can still be active in your Ruum, while you create a secure and safe team around your work.

Added Custom Field functionalities – Customize your tasks even more

Say good-bye to the limitations of describing tasks as just: assignment, priority, deadlines and say hello to new customization capabilities. We took custom fields to the next level so you can enrich your task information even more. In addition to numbers, date, and text input fields, you can now also add email addresses, phone numbers, and links. The best part is that these fields are actionable, you can quickly start a new email, open a link, or call someone just by clicking on the input field.

Added Custom Field functionalities - Customize your tasks even more

Plus, there’s one last field functionality and, yes, we think it’s the most exciting one. So, can we get a drumroll please?🥁 Now, you can set up a single-select dropdown menu and assign your tasks to predefined categories.

Adaptive Header – Return to your lobby easily

We have improved our project header to easily navigate back to your lobby from anywhere in your Ruum. Forget about scrolling all the way up from the bottom of your Ruum — now, you can simply see your top menu by just moving your mouse.

And that’s it for now! If you'd like to take these new features for a spin, head straight to Ruum to get started.

In the meantime, if you have any ideas for future feature updates or additions, make sure you add them to the Features Request page within the Ruum Community. We value your input and want to make Ruum the best work management software in the world.

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