June 2019 Product Updates

Stay cool and get productive this summer with our latest and greatest features.

Ruum Team

Stefan Ritter

June 6, 2019

2 min read


Hallo from Berlin!

Spring has sprung around here and we’ve been extra productive with all of the sunshine we’ve been getting. Below are some exciting new things that we’ve worked on since our last update — we hope you love them!

👀 View-only participants

You can now invite users to projects as view-only project participants, which means colleagues can take a look at your project canvas without changing it.

Project viewers can still comment on and participate in project chat (details on this new feature below!), making view only ideal for project managers and leads who want to check in on project progress or provide feedback to teams.


📄 New template capabilities

Set a golden plan of action by pre-defining task durations and sequences with Ruum templates. That way your team can get a clear view of what needs to get done to get your project closer to the finish line.


Learn more about these new template features here.

💬 Chat

Say “hey👋” to your team with project chat! This feature is similar to commenting on parts of the project, but all interactions and messages will be housed in one chat box, making it easier for you to update or communicate with your entire team on a broader project level. This lets you have all parts of a project — from planning to communicating to reporting — all in one place so you can stop switching between multiple tabs and windows and really focus on the task at hand.


💡Tip : to notify team members of a message in the chat, make sure you @ them! 💡

If you have any ideas for future feature updates or additions, make sure you add them to the Features Request page within the Ruum Community. We value your input and want to make Ruum the best productivity and collaboration software in the world.

For more Ruum news and productivity tips, follow us on our blog The NewsRuum, or find us on social media! We’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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