Ruum March 2019 Roadmap Update

Stay up to date on everything we’ve got planned and what we’re working on in Ruum in our latest roadmap.

Ruum Team

Stefan Ritter

February 28, 2019

4 min read


We like to keep you regularly updated on the improvements we’ve been working on at Ruum. Many of these upcoming features are built off of your feedback, so please keep it coming! Your thoughts and ideas are important to us and we are listening.

New Project Headers and Sidebars

We have been working on a new generation of headers to make navigating Ruum easier than ever. You will now be able to access your Profile and Settings directly within Projects. We’ve also improved your access to Canvas, Timeline, and Task List which will now appear in the Project subheader.

Sidebars have been redesigned to accommodate all of the Project features you love, like Files, Emails, and your Project Team. The new design is cleaner and makes accessing each feature more intuitive.

Status: In progress. Planned for release.

Major Improvements to Task Functionality

We have heard your feedback on filtering Tasks and are working on improved Task searching, filtering, sorting, and pagination. Soon, you’ll be able to sort by Status, Name, Project Group, Project, Priority, Start and Due Dates, and view comments directly from Task View.

We’ve also added advanced filtering options so that you can filter by Status and by Priority.

Status: In progress. Planned for release.

Advanced Templates and Template Sharing

Based on your feedback on how you use Templates, we are building a more sophisticated version of company-wide templates. With this improvement, owners of Templates can specify permissions for teammates including Read Only and Edit.

Status: In progress.

P.S. For future releases, we’re hard at work building even more advanced role allocation functionality into Templates as well as reusable Task Dependency structures. This means that you will be able to apply Task Dependencies to Templates when you reuse them for new Projects. We will keep you updated!

Status: Planned.

Ruum Mobile Application — Yes, It’s Coming!

Many of our users have told us they would love to use Ruum on-the-go with their mobile phones. We are hard at work creating the first (beta) version of the Ruum Mobile Application. Rest assured, we will keep you in the loop on how this build progresses.

If you have access to the Israel Apple Store, you may be one of the lucky ones who get a first look soon 🤩

Status: In progress.

Improvements on How Ada Talks To You

Many of you have told us you would like more control over how and when Ada notifies you of changes that have occurred in Ruum. We are in the process of scoping out what this will look like and will provide a comprehensive update on what will change and when in the next Roadmap Announcement.

Status: Planned.

Helping You Manage Dependencies in your Workflows

Often a task or milestone is dependent on the completion of the one before it. We are looking at how to enable you to establish those connections within Ruum and give you visibility into those connections inside various views within Ruum.

Improving these connections will come hand-in-hand with overall improvements to using Tasks, Timeline, and Project Sections.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to create a world-class workflow capability, which means we are working in phases. We will keep you updated on how we progress 😊

Status: In design.

Discussing Projects with Your Team

Ruum is more than a project management platform, it’s a collaboration platform. We’re working on making it even easier to discuss aspects of your Projects with your team and collaborate on every level of Ruum. Watch this space.

Status: In design.

If you have any ideas for future feature updates or additions, make sure you add them to the Ruum Features Request form. We value your input and want to make Ruum the best productivity tool. You can also stay up to date with all thing happening with Ruum in the Ruum Community.

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