Reimagining Process Management: Ekornes’ Experience in the Ruum Beta Program

“What I see in Ruum is process management taken to a new level of agility, and I mean agility with a capital A.”

Ruum Team

Annamaria Arapi-Beno

September 18, 2020

4 min


Eight weeks ago, nearly 50 customers from all over the globe started their journey of no-code process management with Ruum. One of them is the Norwegian furniture multinational company Ekornes, manufacturer of the Stressless brand. We had the opportunity to talk to James Fogarty – Business Operations Analyst and a true Citizen Developer at Ekornes – about his vision for business processes and how Ruum can help him get there:

“What I see in Ruum is process management taken to a new level of agility, and I mean agility with a capital A.”

But let’s take a few steps back: James started his career at Ekornes in Customer Support seven years back. To manage his work, he shuffled around emails and excel sheets instead of spending time with customers and improving their experience. When dealing with a customer request, it could take hours to find the right information, and it was easy to miss something. “It was so frustrating to see things falling through the cracks just because we didn’t have automated processes in place. When you deal with customers, this is actual company value you’re putting in danger every time a customer doesn’t get the best possible experience with your company.”

Today, James works with systems and process development across Ekornes’ global user groups including finance, sales, distribution and customer support teams. There are more than a dozen unautomated processes that the team is looking to automate with Ruum. The first process they’re testing is Requesting CRM access. It may seem trivial, but in the grand scheme of cost savings, it’s really not. “Before Ruum, this process was entirely manual with many emails sent between end users, HR, active directory, CRM enablement teams and us as system administrators all before a new user was able to start using the system. Sometimes, by the time access was granted, the team would find out the original requirement had changed.”

This shows that there are real cost saving opportunities for Ruum customers because they’re able to get a proper standardized and automated process in place which provide transparency into tasks that were previously just handled as urgent.  

“Ruum adds a layer of transparency to the processes that allow us to analyze, prioritize and improve processes. With Ruum, Ekornes was able to model the process in about an hour, without requiring a lengthy project with resources from our central team.”

James has discussed this topic with both end users and the central project team. “For our success it’s critical to drive adoption with users. When we introduce new workflows, we really need to make sure they’re intuitive to handle and deliver immediate value to people on the ground. With Ruum, I can really see this being the case. It’ll take a user max. 15 minutes to understand it.” The vision James pursues is to enable end users to use Ruum self-sufficiently. This allows IT to be more of an enabler than the owner and gatekeeper. What strikes him the most is the simplicity and flexibility of the tool paired with its powerful capabilities to solve problems “we’ve tried to solve for such a long time, but nothing was ever really sustainable.” Ekornes’ project team has already conceptualized many additional use cases they want to tackle.

“You know, there are some processes where we’re not even sure what exactly they’ll need to look like, and with Ruum, we can very flexibly model our minimum viable process and change it on the fly if we find out there is a better way to do it.”

But to James, it was not only the product but also the team behind Ruum that motivated him to join the Beta.

”Since the first moment I met the team, everyone is so passionate and positive, and has a genuine interest in our success. That’s so refreshing and engaging and just goes such a long way.”

We are thrilled to partner with James and Ekornes’ on their journey to transforming process management within their company. For our team, the Beta program has been an incredible source of learnings and insights. Not only about use cases, but also the vision companies have when it comes it no code development platforms. In just a few weeks, we’ve seen almost 300 processes built and more than 500 users test and run them in Ruum. From finance and HR to procurement, marketing, and more, every business area is represented. At the end of this month, we’ll be releasing the feature set publicly and couldn’t be more excited to bring about new era of no code process management for our customers.

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