Teaming Up for Customer Success

SAP rolls out Ruum to simplify collaboration in its multi-billion dollar partner ecosystem.

Ruum Team

Vidyashree Basavaraju

April 30, 2019

3 min


Picture this: you’re an SAP partner, and you’ve built up a great relationship with your Partner Services Advisor (PSA). You two have worked together for quite some time, and you’ve created a rapport that makes your workflows as smooth as possible. However, one day, your PSA informs you that they’ve taken a new role and that you’ll be working with a new PSA that you’ve never worked with before. You’ll have to start building the relationship from square one.

“When a PSA moves on then there’s a huge deficiency because they end up bringing 80 percent of their relationship information with them,”

says John Hogan, the Global Head of Operations for the SAP Partner Service Delivery team.

Now imagine repeating this cycle every time you were assigned a new PSA!

This pain is all about to change. Hogan teamed up with Hannah Naughton, Global Head of Partner Technology & Services at SAP, and IT Services delivery team: they are focused on introducing new state-of-the-art tools into our partner eco-system. They were on the look-out for an easy-to-use and dynamic tool to share information about a Partner between SAP colleagues and also with a partner in a controlled manner. Ruum was identified as a promising candidate for this purpose, and validation with pilot users confirmed the approach. Hence, the joint Business and IT team initiated the integration of Ruum by SAP into SAP’s Partner Relationship Management system to centralize and simplify all of the collaboration between partners and PSAs in one place.

With this integration, it is possible to spin up a Ruum from SAP’s Partner Relationship Management system with just a click of a button – ‘Create Ruum’. Main PSAs who are involved in partner collaboration will be automatically added to the created Ruum. PSAs can invite their partners to Ruum and start collaborating with them. Ruum allows internal and external teams to work together on managing tasks, files, and team members. You can upload Emails into Ruum, so all correspondence is visible and available for the team to read and understand what worked, or didn’t work, for individual partners.

“There was no one centralized place for collaboration, so it was happening in emails, group chats, or any of the other multiple tools and channels,” said Sriram Rajaraman, Product Owner, SAP IT Services, Partner Management delivery unit. “We needed a tool where the partners and the PSAs could collaborate and share information easily and efficiently,” said Madankumar Pichamuthu, Sr.Solution Architect, SAP IT Services, Partner Management delivery unit.

“There was no one centralized place for collaboration, so it was happening in emails, group chats, or any of the other multiple tools and channels,”

Essentially, this sort of content and messaging repository provided by Ruum will allow the PSA team to keep up relationships with partners even as individuals move on to different roles. That way, the ball is never dropped when it comes to continuing the affinity between partners and SAP.

“We want to leverage the power of Ruum’s flexibility to make Ruum the collaboration hub for partners and our partner-facing employees,” Hogan said.

“That way, there is a nearly 360-degree view of partners and their relationship with SAP,” said Inga Trüller, Global PSD IT Infrastructure Development Lead at SAP.

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