April 2019 Roadmap Update

Stay up to date on everything we’ve got planned and what we’re working on in Ruum in our latest roadmap.

Ruum Team

Stefan Ritter

April 3, 2019

4 min read


We like to keep you regularly updated on the improvements we’ve been working on at Ruum. Your thoughts and ideas are important to us and we are listening.

Over the last month, we've been hard at work on a big release that we mentioned in last month's update, which has significantly simplified tasks and navigation. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, here is what we'll be working on this month.

🌟 A Shiny New Canvas

Have you ever created too many sections in a project and gotten lost? We've got you covered.

We are working on making the project canvas experience delightful for you. Some of the changes you can look forward to include the ability to transform a line of text into a task, deep links and hyperlink support, and an in-project index feature that make it easier than ever to navigate within a project and see all in-project sections at a glance.

Status: In progress. Planned for release.


💬 Discussing Projects with Your Team

Ruum is more than a project management platform, it’s a collaboration platform. We’re working on making it even easier to discuss aspects of your Projects with your team and collaborate on every level of Ruum.

We will be adding a Project-level chat functionality, as well as working on a Ruum-level chat for your whole team. You can also connect Ruum chat to a Slack channel or to Microsoft Teams.

Status: In progress. Planned for release.


Advanced Templates and Template Sharing

Based on your feedback on how you use Templates, we are building a more sophisticated version of company-wide templates.

We are also building advanced role allocation functionality into Templates as well as reusable Task Dependency structures with auto-populating start and end dates for Tasks inside that Project. A first peek is below!

Status: In design.

🤖 More Control Over Ada + 📮 An In-Ruum Inbox

Many of you have told us you would like more control over how and when Ada notifies you of changes that have occurred in Ruum. We are in the process of a comprehensive review of all notifications and aim to give you more control, but also make Ada smarter.

Part of this is building an additional channel for Ada to talk to you, an in-Ruum Inbox that you can access directly from within your Ruum App. Stay tuned!

Status: In progress.

Managing Dependencies in Workflows

Often a task or milestone is dependent on the completion of the one before it. We are looking at how to enable you to establish those connections within Ruum and give you visibility into those connections inside various views within Ruum.

Improving these connections will come hand-in-hand with overall improvements to using Tasks, Timeline, and Project Sections.

This is just the beginning. Our goal is to create a world-class workflow capability, which means we are working in phases. We will keep you updated on how we progress 😊

Status: In design.

📱 Ruum Mobile App

While Ruum already works nicely on mobile browsers, many of you have told us you would love to have a native mobile Ruum app. We are hard at work creating the first (beta) version of the Ruum Mobile Application. Rest assured, we will keep you in the loop on how this build progresses.

Status: In iOS TestFlight.

If you have any ideas for future feature updates or additions, make sure you add them to the Ruum Features Request form. We value your input and want to make Ruum the best productivity and collaboration software in the world.
Until next month!

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