Monitoring Your SAP Ruum Process

This lesson consists of:
  • Viewing the status of an SAP Ruum process
  • Filtering your SAP Ruum processes

Once a ruum has been created from your SAP Ruum process template, it’s added to your lobby. From there, you can view and open existing processes and see the current status.

Viewing the Status of a Process

To view the status of a process, locate and open it from your lobby.

Once the process is open, you’re able to see the current active section and view any content created or data inputted at that moment.

For example, there’s a process marked with a Major Delay in our lobby:

Opening this process shows that the application form has been submitted, but the financial control has yet to be completed (stage 2). If necessary, we can then investigate the delay with our financial controller:

Alternatively, there’s a process marked as Completed in our lobby:

Opening this process shows that the investment request has been submitted, reviewed by our financial controller, and then reviewed by our facilities associate:

Once a process has been completed, the status of that process is set to Completed, too.

Filtering Your Existing Processes

Using SAP Ruum's filters feature, you can narrow down the processes that appear in your lobby. This can help you to easily find, and react to, processes that are delayed, those related to a specific customer, or by those raised certain team members.

You find filters above your existing lobby content:

You can then add any number of conditions you wish your lobby to be filtered by, with ALL rules needing to be matched for that process to be displayed.

Example of Active Filtering

As an example, if you wanted to filter your content by the following:

  • Only Ruums / Processes
  • Status must be 'Major Delay'
  • The Account ID must be listed as 14476 in the process

Then you would enter the following conditions:

This returns the following results: