Ruum No-Code Processes Now Publicly Available

We are thrilled to announce that starting today Ruum enterprise customers have access to our newest no-code process management capabilities.

Ruum Team

Marcin Jedrzejczak

September 30, 2020

2 min


Ruum now allows non-technical users to build, integrate, and run processes in minutes and without code. After a successful beta phase with around 50 customers from all over the globe, Ruum process management is now publicly available. It comes at a time, where companies need faster answers to a changing world.

“We started to work on no-code process management about a year ago. Then, the pandemic hit and suddenly process transformation was top of mind for everyone. There was simply no time for an IT project. We needed solutions immediately. Otherwise people couldn't work – full stop.”

Stefan Ritter, Co-Founder and Head of Product at SAP Ruum

Powered by an intuitive UI and simple no-code process building blocks, Ruum’s new feature set gives business users the ability to transform manual workflows into digital processes without any coding experience. This allows companies to automate processes in a matter of hours instead of weeks and years, and to adjust them on the fly without requiring a change project. During our beta program we had the chance to support our customers in creating many different processes across all areas of business: From Onboarding New Employees in a fully virtual way to rethinking IT Service Requests.

By using Ruum’s intuitive connectors, new processes can be easily integrated with a customer’s existing IT landscape, turning departmental routines into integrated workflows in just a few clicks. Access to connectors and data stays in the hands of the Ruum admin, mostly our customers’ IT departments.

“Our overarching vision is to entirely transform the paradigm of software development and empower every employee to drive change in their organization – and all of this, whilst ensuring IT security, and proper governance. “

Florian Frey, Co-Founder and Head of Go-To-Market at SAP Ruum.

The new feature set includes flexible forms, approval steps, custom data fields, and integration connectors to backend systems and RPA bots, as well as SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Management.

We’re beyond excited to onboard many more customers in the next months and enter a new era of IT together. If you're interested in transforming your processes today, then reach out to us to discuss how. If you’re an enterprise customer already and want to take advantage of the new features, contact your customer success manager to activate them.

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