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Let Ruum help you get the right products to the right place and customers at the right time

Efficiency is at the heart of logistics and supply chain. There are increasing challenges regarding how to create and maintain effective supply chain methods that are easily understood and accessible to several people. Ruum supports your team by coordinating your team’s work across planning and execution, for all to see and in a moment’s glimpse.
“Ruum has been fundamental in connecting our logistics system, to prevent huge delays and act effectively and with ease. There is a great deal of automation in our project work from procurement to sales, transportation companies and so on – and all with several internal and external stakeholders. Thanks to the platform we can gather quickly and make necessary decisions.”
Bernd Dittrich | Product Owner
Ruum for Sales

How does Ruum help Logistics teams thrive?


Hit Your Deadlines

Getting projects off the ground can be painstakingly tedious. Manage it like a pro from the start by setting priorities, assigning tasks and tracking progress with the click of a button.

Organize and Share

All the essentials for your upcoming and past marketing initiatives all in one place. All of your documents can be shared with teams and stored for your team to access at any time.

Collaborate With Ease

Collaborate and stay organized. Whether you are working remotely, on-the-go, or in the office, teams can stay up to date with everything important so projects can keep ticking along.

Effective supply chain planning

We understand that Supply Chain Planning is complex, but If you don’t want to miss a sale, meticulous planning is essential. Ruum gathers all your team experts in one hub, so the setup of any operation is clean, up-to-date and transparent, making your work more effective.

Ruum connects seamlessly to your systems and supports coordination and decision-making processes

Optimize your working day with a shared workspace with task management, file storage and productive team collaboration

Implement or replicate any pre-existing template of a previous project to reduce planning and administration

Use timelines to make sure you get the required decisions on time


Effective incident resolution

Whenever something unexpected happens in your supply chain, Ruum lets you bring the right people together to resolve the issue. When your truck breaks down, your shipment is cancelled, or your supplier doesn’t deliver – every second counts and this is how we best facilitate action with ease.

Automatically manage project supply chain exceptions. Spin up a project with a single click, get all required experts together in one place.

View reports on previous incidents to see any given history and to work on necessary preventatives.

Enable close collaboration with all key stakeholders in one place in order to make the best decisions.

Create incident management procedures on the platform for a speedy resolution.

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Streamlining workflows and supercharging productivity

It’s easier than ever to collaborate and monitor progress. No matter what kind of work you do or what functional area you work in, Ruum makes it easier to get it done.