Creating a Ruum from a Template

Ruum's predefined templates are based around well-defined use cases and provide you with suggested canvas sections, task lists, and timelines.


To create a ruum from a template, click on Home to view your lobby:

From your ruum lobby, click on + New and select Ruum from Template when prompted:

Now find and click your required template:

Once selected you are asked if you want to Align task start and due dates. This allows you to choose either a starting date for your first task or a due date for your last task. Once selected, all tasks within the template are then automatically aligned to your schedule. Note that if a template has no related tasks, no changes will be applied.

Now click Create Ruum:

Your newly created ruum is then displayed and you are taken to your new canvas.

You can return to this ruum at any time by either opening it from within your Lobby or by using the URL displayed in your browser.

Editing Chosen Template

When creating a ruum from a template, all content, settings, and details can be edited at anytime. This allows you to customize your ruum as required.

We do recommend you take advantage of our 'Create Template from Ruum' or 'Create Section Template' feature if you want to re-use your existing set up.

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