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Productivity and collaboration are not just corporate buzzwords.
Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are doing a world of good and need the best available tools to help them do even more. To do our bit, approved NPOs get free access to Ruum Professional and discounted access to Ruum for Enterprise.

Causes we support

education for all

We believe education is a way forward and a way up and support all organizations working to make it available to everyone.

Delivering access to education to everyone on the planet takes a whole lot of organization power. We believe this work is some of the most important work done today. If you, or someone you know, is working to advance this cause, we would love to help you do you work better, and help you project manage your way to efficiency.


Our role as stewards of the planet is one we take seriously and support organizations working to ensure our, and our childrens' future, is well taken care of.

We only have one planet earth. Sustainability is a broad term that has the overarching aim to ensuring intergenerational fairness by living lives in a way the planet can support. We partner with organizations working hard to make our industry, our habits, our energy supply more sustainable for all future generations.

diversity in technology

Diversity is important for us as a team, and we believe, critical to the fair development of the technologies of the future.

So that technology develops inclusively, diversity of the people who conceptualize, design, and build the technologies of the future is of primary importance. We work with organizations who empower individuals from all walks of life to take a seat at the table and contribute to how technology is developed and used.

Responsible development of artificial intelligence (AI)

We believe it is important to ensure the global development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is responsible and ethical.

We believe AI should help us be better humans by taking over the elements of our life that distract us from reaching our creative, intellectual, and empathetic apex. However, we also believe that ethical and responsible development with a keen eye for governance is of vital importance. So we work with and support all organizations that are helping us do just that.
If you, or someone you know, is working to advance these causes, please be in touch.
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Rākau Tautoko

"We love to use Ruum for our project management. Our Community Development Practitioners are active in even more spaces and places, so the flexibility of Ruum, to be able to invite all of our different leads, collaborators, and community members onto a simple platform, add our plans, documents, images and track our progress is invaluable for efficient delivery. As the lead for Rākau Tautoko, I have access to all of our projects, input when I need to, and see how different practitioners are using the platform – which is always unique!"

Tara Moala / Lead Practitioner


Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Buenos

"I tried Ruum and it's fantastic! The best thing is that it is in permanent development with new features every month. I work in an IT Team and Ruum will help us reach our objectives in a well organized way."

Flavio Zavala / System Administrator