Creating and Managing Custom Fields in Workspaces

Custom fields, available to enterprise users, allow teams to capture unique work data on their canvas. They are created and managed by workspace admins.


As a workspace admin, you can create a custom field by clicking on the workspace options icon and then selecting Manage Custom Fields:

Then click New Custom Field

Now enter the custom field Title, Description, and select the Type:

Title - This is how the field will be displayed on a canvas

Description - This allows you to provide further information or guidance to team members

Type - Select from Text, Long Text,Number, Date, Email, Link, Phone, and Single Select (from one or more options)

Now click Create:

The custom field is now created and available to all team members within your workspace.

Editing Custom Fields

Workspace admins can then edit the title and description for existing custom fields by returning to the Managing Custom Fields page and clicking the field configuration icon:

Note: It is not possible to edit the type of custom field. Instead, a new custom field should be created accordingly.

Changes made to custom fields will then be reflected across all canvases on which they have been added.

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