Creating Groups

Available to Professional and Enterprise users, groups allow you to organize your related Ruums in a digital folder within your lobby.

In addition to helping you efficiently access and organize your content, you can also use Ruum's Groups feature in the following ways:

  • Access a combined task list for all ruums included in a group.
  • Invite participants to access all ruums within an existing group.
  • Create a new ruum, either blank or from template, directly inside the group. This can be moved at a later stage, if required. 


To create a group, click on Home to view your Ruum lobby:

From your Ruum lobby, click on + New and select Group when prompted:

Then enter a Group Name, optionally add a Description, and then click Create.

Your group is now created, initially with no content inside. You can choose to either create a new ruum from within the group or move an existing ruum into this group.

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