Tracking your Progress with Tasks and Milestones

Tracking open tasks and milestones is a vital for the success of teams and their projects. This is why you'll find task and milestone tracking features in Ruum.

Tasks and Subtasks

Tasks are actions, requirements, or pieces of work that need to be completed during a project. Tasks can then be further divided into subtasks, smaller actions that need completing before their parent task can be marked as 'Done'.

For example, the team need to complete three subtasks as part of one parent task here:

When creating tasks or subtasks in Ruum, you have a number of fields available to you. These include task names, assignees, start and due dates, statuses, priorities, and comments.

Within Ruum, tasks can be created and managed within individual Ruums, within a group task list, or from your global task list.

When a new task is added or an existing task is updated since you last viewed the canvas, a blue indicator will appear alongside the task when you next enter the ruum:


Milestones allow you to highlight significant stages or events in your project and are often complemented by subtasks. These subtasks indicate work that needs to be completed before the milestone can be passed (with the milestone status automatically updating once all its subtasks are marked as 'Done', too).

For more information, see our Tasks and Milestones section.