Collaboratively Working with your Team

While Ruum is an effective tool for managing your own work and tasks, it's collaboration and communication features make it ideal for working in teams.

Inviting Team Members to Collaborate

Ruum includes permission management tools, giving you control over exactly who has access to your content. You can invite your team members as admins, editors, or as viewers to your workspace, group, or individual ruum, dictating what they can or can't do within it.

Once invited, you can manage your teams existing permissions at any stage.

Communicating with your Team

Successful teams need good communication tools, which is why you'll find comment and chat features embedded within each Ruum.

Available on all sections of your canvas, click the Comment icon to provide updates and reply to your team about that content in particular. This keeps the communication focused, which is particularly useful when you have an active team and varied responsibilities.

You can tag team members here by typing @ and then their display name, directly notifying them of important updates.

Alternatively, the chat features helps you to communicate with your team across all content and sections.

Again, you can tag team members in your messages by typing @ and then their display name.

For more information, see our Teamwork section.