SAP Partner Summit - Connect 2019: Building solutions without coding is a thing

What we learned from our first-ever partner conference.

Ruum Team

Diana Roesner

November 26, 2019

3 min


This month, our Ruum team attended our first Connect summit - the largest SAP partner conference in the DACH region (DACH being the German acronym for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland). Not only were we proud to exhibit Ruum as officially available to partners, but it was also a chance to get feedback on our newest addition to the Ruum product: no code process modeling and workflow automation.

You’re wondering what we mean by that? Ruum is the work management platform of choice for around 40,000 users today already. What we learned by deep diving into hundreds of use cases and in countless customer workshops, is that they need to be able to build processes in Ruum. And they want to do so without depending on scarcely available coding skills. With Ruum’s extended offering - going live early 2020 - business units are empowered to model processes themselves, without requiring developers’ support. According to the latest studies, most IT departments are struggling to keep up with the continuous demand to digitize and automate business processes. Our ongoing customer projects are a testament to this. How would partners react to this extended offering?

Equipped with our latest demos, polished slide decks and a lot of enthusiasm we began the two-day endeavor at Connect, in the beautiful location Kraftwerk in Berlin Mitte.

Here is what we learned:

No code is a (big) thing

Whilst most SAP partners make a large share of their revenue through custom development projects, they’ve made the same observations we have: As the urge to digitize and automate processes continuously rises – even for small companies – there is no way our customers will be able to custom code all of them. There are simply too many workflows currently running outside the digital core, mostly handled manually. If companies want to master their digital transformation, this also means empowering business units to be more auto-sufficient and digitize faster. Ultimately, no-code solutions are also an immense opportunity to save costs.

SAP Partners are creative minds

This was our most common situation at Connect: We had just started explaining our value proposition and already found ourselves hectically taking notes in our phones, trying to keep up with the many ideas our partners were bubbling out. Be it new use cases, untouched market segments such as SMEs and the public sector, or additional integration scenarios – our partners were making sure we would have a lot to discuss after the conference.

Partner conversations account for hours of market research

Do you want to find out how bad the market needs your product? Talk to many partners. Each of them has certain regions and industries they’re particularly experienced in. Listening to their questions and challenges is like reading through tons of customer surveys. Except: There are no surveys available at your fingertips that would amount to the knowledge partners can share with you.

Ruum loves partners. And partners also love Ruum

We left the conference inspired. How far would partners be able to take Ruum? The response we got from many of them showed us that the potential is endless. We have started embarking on first joint customer projects. We sure love partners and thank God, it’s mutual.

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