Aligning Task and Milestone Start or Due Dates When Creating a Ruum from Template

When creating a ruum from a template that contains dated tasks or milestones, you can choose to automatically align their start or due dates to a chosen date.


You can align task and milestone start or due dates ONLY when you first create a ruum from a template. You are prompted to select this option at the time of ruum creation:

When dated tasks are aligned, either to their start or their due date, your newly created ruum automatically calculates the task duration and applies that where necessary. This feature allows you to consistently track task progress without the need to manually enter the relevant dates each time you create a new ruum.

If a template either contains no tasks, or the tasks are undated, then no changes will be applied to it.


Assuming you are using a ruum template with three tasks:

  • Task One: Starting on the May 2nd with no due date provided
  • Task Two: Due date is May 5th, no start date provided
  • Task Three: Starting on the May 1st, due May 7th

Now you create a Ruum from this template with start date as June 15th, and the tasks align accordingly:

Alternatively, you then create a ruum from this template with a defined due date as July 30th, and the tasks align as follows:

As you can see, the ruum has automatically applied the necessary durations to the tasks.

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