Creating a Section Template

Section templates alllow you to create re-usable canvas sections for your Ruum account. These can then be added to existing ruums at any time.


Section templates can be created in two ways: Either as a new template or by turning an existing section on your canvas into a template.

New Section Template

To create a new section template, click Templates on the side panel, select Section Templates, and then click + New Section Template:

The section template is now created, named 'Section Template Ruum', and automatically saved to your ruum account. You can now use this template when adding a new section to your ruum canvas.

However, this effectively creates a generic template, one without any additional content or configuration. As such, we recommend changing the section template name, adding content, and taking advantage of Ruum's great features.

Turning an Existing Section into a Section Template

You can turn an existing canvas section into a section template by clicking Options - Create Template:

Changing Section Template Name

All newly created templates are named ‘Section Template Ruum’ by default. You can change this by clicking on the section title while in Template Edit Mode, with any changes automatically saved:

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