Locking and Unlocking Sections in Templates

Both section templates or individual sections within a wider template can be locked by their admins and editors while in edit mode.


While in template edit mode, admins and editors can lock or unlock a section by clicking on the lock icon:

When a locked section is then used in a ruum, the locked icon will be displayed:

Restricted Actions in Locked Sections

Locking template sections removes the ability for all users to edit the structure or content of that section when it is used in a ruum. This includes the following actions:

  • Editing the title of an existing section
  • Adding new text to and editing existing text on a section, this includes text used in a table
  • Adding new or editing or deleting existing tasks, milestones, status fields, files, embedded videos, emails, tables, polls, or process bars
  • Adding new or removing existing custom fields and roles
  • Duplicating the section
  • Creating a template from the section

Allowed Actions in Locked Sections

While the content and structure can't be edited, ruum users with admin or editor permissions are still able to interact in the following ways:

  • Updating the status, assignees, dates, priorities, and comments of an existing task or milestone
  • Updating the status of and add comments to an existing status field
  • Vote in and comment on an existing poll
  • Changing the current status of an existing process bar
  • Changing the value of an existing custom field
  • Assigning or reassigning an existing role
  • Interacting in the chat and comments
  • Moving the section up or down within a ruum

Users with View Only access retain the same permissions at all times, regardless of whether a section is locked or unlocked.

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