Understanding Workspaces

Workspaces, created for enterprise license holders on request, are an optional layer within Ruum by SAP for teams and organizations.

Workspaces Overview

Workspaces can be used to further organize content, provide a team with a dedicated area for their work, and enable users to create, manage, and display custom fields and roles.

This is in addition to a users wider Ruum by SAP access, meaning that a user does not need workspace access to benefit from free, pro, or most enterprise license features.

Users can be a member of multiple workspaces at any time, with access to them available on the side panel. In this example, you can see two workspaces (neither of which are publicly available):

Ruum by SAP, Enterprise, and Workspace Structure

Workspaces are created by Ruum by SAP staff within an enterprise account, as displayed in the following diagram:

Ruum by SAP

  • Accessed by all users (Free, Pro, or Enterprise), with license dictating what features are available. See our pricing page for further license details.
  • Unique Ruum lobby available for each user, allowing them to see content they have created or been invited to participate in
  • Ability to create, share, and manage content with all other users, with permission controls provided for individual ruums and groups


  • Managed by IT admins on a dedicated dashboard, enabling them to configure SSO and system connections for their enterprise licenses
  • Not visible or accessible to non-admin users, nor can it be used as an additional area for creating content


  • Accessed by invitation only, with permissions controlled by workspace admins (named contacts within teams organizations)
  • Workspace lobby view available to all invited team members, allowing them to see all content created within the workspace
  • Workspace admins can create and manage custom fields and roles for the wider workspace, with team members then able to add them to their canvas

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