April 2020 Product Updates

With our latest product release, we’ve changed how our Templates Library looks and feels.

Ruum Team

Stefan Ritter

April 29, 2020

2 min


Our team in Berlin has been working from home on some great product updates this month, helping you automate repeatable workflows using templates.

Our New Look Template Library

With our latest product release, we’ve changed how our Templates Library looks and feels. You’ll now find templates displayed in a card format, complete with customizable icons and descriptions. This makes it easier to quickly identify the template you and your team need.

We recommend viewing our new HR Process Package, too. This set of seven templates enables you to instantly manage your people-focused workflows, useful at a time when many of us are working remotely.

HR Process Package

Create Template Drafts and Control When Your Template is Published

With our new template drafting and publishing controls, you choose when your template is ready to be shared with your team. Until clicking ‘Publish Template’, your work is now saved in draft format and available to preview. When making changes to published templates, the same rule applies, too. This means that all edits are saved as a draft, allowing you to publish your work when it’s ready.

We’ve also updated our UI design here, showing you a visual reminder that you’re in edit mode.

Note: Only template admins can publish their template, keeping control of their content. You can read more about our new template management rules here.

Editing Template

Send us your Feedback

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Ruum by SAP. Let us know if you’re using our product while working remotely, which templates you’ve found useful, and if there are any other template topics you’d like to see us add to the library. Send us an email to team@ruumapp.com.

That’s it for now, though. Head to Ruum by SAP to try our new features and create your own templates now.

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