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Customer Reference Script Früh

Ruum at Früh Brewery

We Germans love beer.

And for us it is a tradition to drink beer.

Früh is one of the three biggest brewerys in Cologne.

As we are a local brewery — most of it stays in Cologne and next to it.

But we also export in every country of the world.

When you remember project management the old days it was like: Oh I sent you an email, don’t you remember? Where did I put my file? You had to search for things.I was looking for a solution that would fix all of those problems.

I was talking to my friend Martin Böhm, Head of Digital at Beiersdorf, and he told me: Look at Ruum, this is your solution. This is what I did and I am very happy with it.

At Früh, Ruum has been implemented for four months now. Everybody is very happy with it even without real training. I said we do not need it because it is very hands on. You know what to do even without guidance.

Now, you can even invite external partners to Ruum and assign tasks with deadlines to them.

You have a personal assistant who reminds you about your overdue tasks every day.

Just by using Ruum we saved 25% to 30% of administrative work.

Ruum and Ada do help a lot!

The team behind Ruum helped as a lot. It was very nice to communicate with them. If I had some ideas, they were very open minded.

The software is so hands on but it will still become better week by week.

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