Ruum for Marketing

Face your upcoming marketing challenges head on with sophisticated planning and efficiency

Help others see the big picture by coordinating more effectively with your internal and external stakeholders on various projects within your marketing plan. Regardless if it’s following up on the budgeting of a recent campaign, updating a PR agency on a proposal submitted or coordinating elements of a large corporate function, Ruum has functionality that empowers marketers to ace all of it.
“Ruum saved me tons of work organizing events, campaigns and strategic projects across our unit.”
Helen Schwaerzler | Marketing & Communications
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Why Ruum?

with pride

Hit those deadlines with pride

Getting projects off the ground can be painstakingly tedious. Manage it like a pro from the get-go by setting priorities to assigning tasks and tracking progress.
One stop hub for file sharing and organization

One stop hub for file sharing and organization

House all the essentials for your upcoming and past marketing initiatives all in one place. Press releases, reports, content calendars, marketing campaigns, internal communication and more can be shared with teams and effectively stored for users to access at any point in time.
There is no I in team

There is no I in team

Collaborate with others and stay organized. Ruum lets you build teams, processes and leverage engagement. Whether you are working remotely whilst on a business trip on your mobile device or in the office on your computer, teams can stay up to date, so projects can keep ticking along.

Drive innovation and power your campaigns

Campaign management with Ruum

Campaign management

The marketing arena is one that is made up of advertising campaigns, social media ads, PR driven initiatives and more. This involves not only more than one department, but project leads, goals and workflows.
  • Manage tasks in the platform with a list of what needs to be carried out and map this against key responsibilities and deadlines
  • Share campaign success in one place by linking internally to an insights page and comment on the latest results, engagement and insights on a live or recently finished campaign
  • Ruum supports task management, coordination and execution of your marketing campaigns

Agency Alignment

  • Host all communication regarding the onboarding of an agency using Ruum. List what needs to be completed by whom when for a fruitful relationship.
  • Store agency proposals and comment and collaborate within the tool, minimizing tireless email threads and keeping the conversation centralized.
  • Include primary and secondary stakeholders, such as global project teams, so that they have visibility and can ensure overarching global rules are being adhered to.
  • Project plan without having to wear the project management hat. Let our AI Ada remind team members of what needs to be completed when and by whom.

Event Management

  • Create a project plan by phases (pre-event, event launch, day-to-day, etc.) and add the required people for each task per phase
  • Outline event scope, goals and budget using the tool
  • Establish promotion and outreach tactics and share with the necessary people
  • List key milestones in the platform and when needed, display using the calendar tab

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It’s easier than ever to collaborate and monitor progress. No matter what kind of work you do, Ruum makes it easier to get it done.