Adding a Poll to your Canvas

You can add both single choice and multiple choice polls to your canvas, allowing team members to cast votes on their preferences.


To add a poll to your canvas, click Insert - Poll:

Now select either a Single Choice or Multiple Choice poll and enter the question you wish to ask your team members:

Then add your possible responses, with a minimum of two needed for both poll styles, and click Create Poll

Click + Add Option for more responses and Delete to remove an existing response:

The poll is added to your canvas and is live for your team members.

Current responses are displayed, along with team member initials, on the canvas:

Deleting a Poll

Existing polls can be permanently deleted at any time, removing both the poll and collected responses from your canvas, by clicking Options - Delete:

Note: It is not possible to edit an existing poll as this compromises the responses of team members who have already voted on their preferred option.

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