Adding Files, Attachments, and Images to your Canvas

You can add files, attachments, and images up to 100mb in size to your canvas from your device, a link, or through our integrations


You can add files, attachments, and images to your canvas in two ways: Directly to your Canvas or through the Manage Files and Attachments panel.

Directly to your Canvas

To add files, attachments, or images directly to your canvas, click Insert - Files:

Select your source and file(s):

When selecting OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box for the first time you may be asked to give Ruum permission to view and access your files. At no stage will Ruum software view, access, or use your files outside of your Ruum account.

Once uploaded, click Add File to Canvas:

The file is now added to your canvas and available to view and download by all team members with access to this ruum.

When adding an image, the image will be displayed directly on the canvas at its uploaded resolution.

Manage Files and Attachments Panel

To add a previously uploaded file to your canvas, click Files, locate the file and click Options - Add to Canvas:

Downloading, Removing, or Deleting Files

Once uploaded to your canvas, you can download, remove from canvas but keep in the ruum (accessed by clicking the File icon), and delete the file at any time. To do this, locate the file and click Options:

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