Adding Email Content to your Canvas and Ruum

Ruum's email feature allows you to share content from your inbox to an individual ruum. This includes the ability to add attachments and invite team members.


Emails sent or forwarded to (either directly or as CC, with BCC not supported) from an address associated with a Ruum account are filtered by Ruum based on their subject lines and / or their content:

Automatically Assigned to a Specific Ruum

If you're looking to automatically assign an email to a specific ruum, use one of these two methods:

Either: Add the exact ruum name as the email subject line

Or: Add the ruum URL into the body of the email

These emails are automatically assigned to that ruum and can be viewed and added to the canvas by clicking the Emails icon:

Manually Assigned to a Ruum

Emails sent or forwarded to (either directly or in CC, with BCC not supported) without a named ruum in the email subject or the ruum URL in the email body can be manually assigned to their intended ruum. These emails appear within the Ruum account of the sender only and are visible in all ruums until they have been assigned.

To access and assign emails manually, click the Emails icon, then click Assign, and then click Assign to this Ruum on all required emails: 

Adding Email Attachments to a Ruum

In addition to email text, Ruum also filters and assigns email attachments to specific ruums. These are added to the ruum as files, accessed by clicking the Files icon.

In this example, we attached our marketing schedule spreadsheet to an email we forwarded to our ruum.

It now appears in our Files area:

Adding Email Recipients as Team Members

In addition to emailing, you can also add other recipients (either directly or as CC, with BCC not supported) to your emails. This adds the recipients as editors the ruum the email is assigned to (viewed by clicking the Team icon), with email invitations sent to those who don't currently have a Ruum account under that email address.

In this example, Tom added Sam, Aden, and Louis as email recipients. They now appear as team members within the ruum:

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