Creating and Using Labels

Labels are text-based tags that can be manually added to ruums and groups, helping you to quickly identify and filter your content.

Using labels can be an effective way to highlight content of a similar nature, identify frequently discussed topics, or mark common workflows or processes. They can be added, edited, and removed from your content at any time, giving you full control over your content.


Labels can be created and added to your ruums and groups by clicking + Add Labels and the typing the name of the label:

Or alternatively by clicking Information within a ruum and then clicking +Add Label or on an existing label:

Once created, labels are:

  • Available within your personal Ruum account. This allows you to add that label to other ruums and groups.
  • Available within the Ruum account of participants who currently have access to the ruums and groups where that label has been added. This allows them to add the label to other related content where necessary, plus gives those with admin or editing permissions the ability remove the label from the ruum or group. Shared labels are only visible while participating in a ruum or group, however.
  • Added as a filter on your lobby, accessed by clicking Filters.

Labels can be added to or removed from your content by returning to the labels area:

Example of how to use Ruum Labels

We're currently using Ruum to collaboratively work on our email templates and adding labels to our content has really helped. Let's take a moment to run through why we've found them so useful.

To start with, we've created a ruum for each email template we need: 

- Welcome Email

- Monthly Newsletter

- New Features Announcement.

To make this workflow easier to manage, we've also created a group, titled it 'Email Templates', and have added our three individual ruums to the group.

Our group lobby currently looks like this:

We know that we'll continue using this group for all future email templates, too. As a result, this group will be full of content in no time.

Aware that we'll eventually need to filter this content down, we've created and added labels based on when these emails will be sent to users. We've added 'On Demand' to some and 'Monthly' to others:

Then, whenever we create a new ruum, we either add an existing label or create a new one if necessary. In some cases, we've even started adding additional labels, such as 'All Users' or 'New Users Only', too.

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