Managing Existing Ruums and Groups

Depending on the permissions you hold within them, you can manage, edit, and delete existing Ruums and Groups from within your lobby.


Once created, all existing ruums and groups can be managed from within your lobby by clicking the Manage icon:

Managing Ruums and Groups Options

The options available to you here depend on both your Ruum account type and the permissions you hold within the individual ruum or group.

Rename Ruum / Group - This renames the item for all participants who have access to it.

Duplicate Ruum - Create a copy of the existing ruum’s canvas, task list, timeline, and Kanban board. This does not duplicate the participants of the original ruum nor does it duplicate any applied labels.

Create Template from Ruum - Create a template based on the existing ruum’s canvas, task list, timeline, and Kanban board.

Generate Ruum Report - Create a printable summary of your ruum tasks and their related progress.

Move Ruum to Group / Remove Ruum from Group -  This moves / removes the ruum to or from an existing group for all participants who have access to it.

Move Ruum to Workspace - This moves the ruum to a workspace you currently manage or have access to.

Archive and Un-Archive Ruum / Group - This archives or un-archives the ruum or group in your lobby only, with the state remaining for all other existing participants.

Leave Ruum / Group - This removes your Ruum account from the ruum or group, with any remaining participants retaining their existing access. If you are the only participant, the ruum will no longer be accessible to you and can’t be restored.

Delete Ruum / Group - This deletes the ruum or group (in turn deleting all ruums within a group) for all users who previously had access to it. This includes all ruum permissions, content, tasks, and assignments. Once deleted, this content can not be restored.

Note:  It is not possible to delete a ruum from a workspace unless you are a workspace admin (see Deleting a Ruum as a Workspace Admin). We recommend leaving any ruum or group you no longer need access to.

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