Editing your Profile

Editing your Ruum profile allows you to change your display name, email address, password, and notifications at any time.


While signed into Ruum, you can access and edit your profile by clicking your avatar and selecting Profile Settings:

Profile Options

Once on your Ruum profile, you have the following options:

Edit your name - This is visible to all team members you collaboratively work with, so choose something they can quickly identify with. Changes are automatically saved here.

Edit your email address - Ensure that this is an active email address, allowing you to view project updates and receive invitations. Once changed, we'll send a new verification email to your new address.

Change your password - While we'll leave this one to you, we do recommend a minimum of eight characters and a good mix of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Delete your account - We hope you'll never need this feature, but it's always an option. See our Deleting your Ruum account article for further details.

Note: When using an identify service or single-sign on, some profile options may be unavailable to you / controlled outside of Ruum. Any changes to your personal data, such as a new email address or legal name, will be automatically mapped from your existing identity service provider.

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