Filtering your Ruum Content

With filters you can specify the content you want to display within your own lobby, tasklist, or workspace view.

Ruum filters are available in the following views:

  • Main Lobby
  • Global Task List
  • Group Lobby
  • Group Task List
  • Workspace Lobby
  • Workspace Task List
  • Workspace Group
  • Workspace Group Task List
  • Archive


To filter your content, click Filter and then enter the fields you wish your view to display:

After the first field has been added, you can click Add Field to filter by further field:

Your ruum view will now be filtered, displaying content that matches ALL of your inputted fields.

This filtered view is then automatically saved and will be active until you click Clear:

Available Filters

The following filters are available to use:

  • Status (is any of) - Multiple Choice
  • Creator (is) - Select Single User
  • Labels (is any of) - Multiple Choice
  • Groups & Ruums (is) - Select Groups OR Ruums
  • Group (is) - Select Single Group
  • Custom Field (us) - Enter custom value


As an example, if you wanted to filter your content by the following:

  • Only Ruums
  • Status must be 'Minor Delay'
  • The Customer ID must be listed as '3412' anywhere within the Ruum

Then you would enter the following rules: 

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