Organizing your Work with Ruums and Groups

A Ruum is a collaborative space for you and your team to manage your work or project. Ruums can then be grouped together, helping you organize related content.


These shareable spaces provide you with an interactive canvas for your content, task and milestone tracking features, team management tools, and much more. They can be used either by individuals or teams, with permission based visibility and security features throughout.

Ruums can be created by you, either as a blank ruum or from pre-defined templates, or you can be invited to join an existing ruum by a team member.

In this example ruum, you'll see that our team are managing a potential customer deal:

All content created or edited within a ruum is automatically saved, ensuring that all team members can view the latest content.


Groups allow you to bring together relevant content, helping you organize the individual ruums within your account. Groups can be created either before or after ruums are created, with the ability for you to move a ruum between groups at any time.

In this example account, you can see ruums based on a variety of topics or focus areas:

By using the groups features, these ruums were then organized into relevant categories:

While there are no limits on the number of ruums and groups you can create, a ruum can only belong to one group at any time.

For more information, see our Ruums and Groups section.