Generating a Ruum Report

You can generate, view, and print reports for individual Ruums you participate in. These reports are based on your status updates and tasks from that Ruum.


To generate a report from a ruum you participate in, click on Home to view your Ruum lobby:

Now locate the ruum you wish to report on, click the Manage icon, and select Generate Ruum Report:

Your ruum report is now generated and displayed in your browser.

Customizing your Ruum Report

Once displayed, you can customize your ruum report in the following ways:

Change time period

Click the period selector to change the date displayed in your report: 

Remove Task or Status from Report

Click the visibility icon to remove a task or status from your ruum report:

Note that once removed, a task or status can't be reinstated to your current report. To do this, you must generate a new report.

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