Inviting a Team Member to Collaborate on a Ruum Template or Section Template

Inviting a team member to collaborate on an existing template gives them permission based access to this template within their Ruum account.


To invite a team member to an existing template, click Templates from the side panel, open the ruum or section template you wish to share, and click Invite to Collaborate:

You are then asked to enter the team member you wish to invite and choose their template permissions:

Then click Invite.

The ruum template or section template is then available in your team members template library, giving them access as specified by their team permissions.

Note: While view-only permissions limits a team member's abilities within the template, they are still able to duplicate this template and edit the duplicated version freely.

Sharing Templates within Workspaces

Workspace admins can access and edit all templates within their workspace, regardless of whether they are published or not. All other workspace members can only access published templates.

As a result, workspace team members do not need to be explicitly shared on ruum or section templates to access or use them.

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