Inviting a Team Member to your Ruum

Admins and Editors (when allowed) can invite additional team members to Ruums at any time, regardless of whether the team member currently have a Ruum account.


To invite a team member to an existing ruum, click the Invite icon from within the ruum:

Now enter the team member's email address, choose their permissions within this ruum, and click Send Invite:

An email invitation is now sent to the team member, either giving them direct access to the ruum or asking them to sign up for a ruum account if they are not an existing account holder.

View and Edit Existing Team Member Permissions

To view and edit an existing team member's permissions in a ruum, group, or workspace, click the team icon, locate the team member, and use the permission drop down:

The team member's permissions will now update. These changes will be effect when the user is next active within their account.

The team member's access and permissions can be edited at any time by the ruum Admins and Editors. The team member is also able to leave this ruum themselves.

To learn more about available permissions, view our Understanding Team Member Permissions article.

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