Understanding and Using your Lobby

Your lobby, accessed by clicking Home at any time, is a central dashboard for creating, accessing, and managing your content in Ruum by SAP.

When using your ruum lobby, you have access to the following features:

Collapsible Side Panel

In addition to your Home button, the side panel gives you access to templates, existing ruums, ruum sections, and workspaces. It can be collapsed and expanded when necessary:

Search, Views, and Filters

These features allow you to find, access, and organize your ruums and groups:

Search - This search bar returns results based on the ruum or group name. It does not return results based on content within a ruum, such as canvas text or assignees

Filters - Display content based on a selection of fields, with the ability to choose from Status, Creator, Labels, Groups & Ruums, Group, and Custom Fields. For more information about using Lobby Filters, see: Filtering your Ruum Lobby

Customize Columns - This allows you to choose the columns of sortable information that are displayed in your lobby. For more information about Customizing Columns, see: Customizing your Ruum Lobby Columns

Content Status

You can allocate a status to your ruums and groups from your lobby, giving your content both a visual identification and making it filterable. This status is applied to the content directly, meaning that all team members with access to that content will see the same status.

To add a status to your content, click Set Status and select from On Track, Minor Delay, Major Delay, and Completed:

: Setting the status as Completed turns off notifications for this content.

Favorite / Unfavorite Content

Restricted to your lobby only, ruums and groups can be marked as a favorite. This prioritizes them in your lobby view, giving you quicker access to your content:

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