Understanding Task Fields and Options

When creating and editing a task in Ruum, you have a number of useful fields and options available to you.


Allocate this task to a specific team member or multiple team members. This will add the task to their individual task lists and add them to any active email notifications about the ruum, the task, or related content. Tasks can be assigned or unassigned from team members at any time by returning to the task and clicking Assignees:


Choose start and due dates for this task:


Select between No Priority, Low, Medium, and High to set how important this task is to your project or workflow: 


Select between Open, Working on it, At Risk, Blocked, or Done to show the tasks current status:


Create and assign additional subtasks to this overall tasks. For more information about subtasks, see: Creating Subtasks


Add comments or replies to this task:

Move to Section

Move this task to a new section within the existing ruum:

Turn into Milestone

Mark this task as a significant stage or event in your project by turning it into a milestone (with the option to reverse this if required). Milestones then have three statuses: Future, Missed, and Reached:

Delete Task

Remove this task from both your ruum and your account. This can't be reversed or restored, however:

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