Using Canvas Keyboard Shortcuts

While using a canvas, you can take advantage of our keyboard shortcuts. These provide both general and text specific keyboard based alternatives.

While using a canvas, click Help and then Keyboard Shortcuts to see available shortcuts:

General Canvas Shortcuts

New Task - Cursor in empty Line + SHIFT + ( and then )

Subtask - Cursor in Task Text + TAB

Un-Subtask - Cursor in Task Text + SHIFT  TAB

Unordered List - Cursor in Paragraph + CTRL SHIFT  U

Ordered List - Cursor in Paragraph + CTRL  SHIFT  O

Text Styling Shortcuts

Medium Header - Cursor in empty Line + # # SPACE

Small Header - Cursor in empty Line + # # # SPACE

Bold - Text highlighted + CTRL B

Italic - Text highlighted + CTRL I

Underline - Text highlighted + CTRL U

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