Creating Consistency and Saving Time with Templates

Templates provide a preset layout for your ruum or section, saving you from replicating work and losing time with repetitive project configurations.

Ruum Templates

In addition to creating a blank ruum, you can also use your ruum template library to kick-start your work. Here you'll find templates you and your team have created, plus an excessive collection of templates we've shared. These are based on our best practice research, capturing frequently used workflows and project structures across fields such as Operations, Marketing, and Project Management.

For more information about creating a ruum from a template, see: Creating a Ruum from a Template

Once selected, templates can be fully customized and saved to your library as a new template. This allows you to create and re-use your ideal ruum layout, whether that's created from scratch or by adapting an existing template.

Section Templates

In addition to full Ruum templates, you can also create and manage your own section templates. These can be inserted into existing ruums and templates where needed:

Sections templates can also be locked, removing the ability for all users to edit the structure or content of that section when it is used in a ruum:

For more information about creating, editing, and managing templates, see our Templates section.