Adding New Sections to your Canvas

You can add new blank sections, tasklists, or section templates to your canvas at any time. This updates the canvas for all team members who have access to it.


You can add new sections to your canvas by clicking the + Add Section button, available above or below existing sections. You are then prompted to select from blank section, tasklist, or section from template:

Blank Section

This adds a blank section titled as 'Give this section a name', prompting you to add your own name.

Task List

This adds a draft task list to your canvas, complete with three placeholder tasks (which are also added to your ruum, group, and global task list appropriate). You can then edit this section as necessary.

Section Template

This allows you to insert your previously created section templates. For more information about creating section templates, see: Creating a Section Template

Once added, your section template can be edited within the ruum.

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